An online course to help moms thrive in their role as stay-at-home mom.

Have you ever felt:

πŸ”˜ that you have no time to care for yourself

πŸ”˜that the transition to stay-at-home mom is more challenging that people tell you

πŸ”˜ that you don't really know what activities to do with your kids to promote their development

πŸ”˜ that you undervalued and unappreciated in your role as stay-at-home mom

If you said "Yes" to any of these, this course is designed specifically for you!

Amy Webb

Hi, I’m Amy Webb

I'm a scholar turned stay-at-home mom who loves writing about child development and parenting. With a Doctorate in Human Development and Family Sciences and 10 ten years of stay-at-home mom life under my belt, I decided to share my knowledge to help other moms find more joy and meaning in their role.

stay at hom mom